Research Methodology


Research methodology is transformative and central to an enhanced postgraduate research experience. This pre-recorded video course is eligible for anyone who is interested in research, Medical background, Public Health background, Social science and statistics background.

About this course

This pre-recorded course offer students the opportunity to learn the various aspects of the research process, framing useful research questions, research design, data collection, analysis, writing and presentation. It will also provide a detailed plan that helps to keep researchers on track, making the process smooth, effective and manageable. This covers basic topics including research methodology, approach, study design with example, benefits and disadvantage.


Instructor Details

Dr. Subrina Ahmed


  • Nothing. We will go from the ground up. No prior knowledge about research methodology is required.
  • A notebook and a pen are a must. Take as many notes as you can!

Enrollment options

This Course comes with-

  • Shareable Certificates
  • Course Videos & Readings

Class 1

Basics of Research Methodology

Class 2

Cohort Study

Class 3

Cross sectional study

Class 4

Case control study

Class 5

Case report

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