Self Makeup Crash Course With Sadia Mou (Live Class)

About this Course

This course on professional makeup will help you master many important techniques that professional make-up artists use to create contemporary looks in their everyday work. After completing it you will be able to enhance your own or other women’s beautiful features, disguise minor faults in one’s appearance and express yourself creatively.


What you’ll learn

  • Do your own make-ups professionally, so that they last longer and enhance your beautiful features.
  • Choosing tools for make-up, taking good care of them, and using them for best results
  • Using color theory principles when choosing colors in make-up
  • Hiding skin’s imperfections and creating flawless results using different types of foundations.
  • Contour and create the illusion of depth on the face and a more sculpted look with makeup;
  • Slightly adjust the shape of eyebrows and enhance their beautiful shape with makeup;
  • Correct various eye shapes and master many eye make-up techniques that will make eyes stand out;
  • Work with different types of lip products to correct lip shape, create lasting results, make them stand out, or remain more subtle (to make eyes look even more expressive).




The course consists of 14 video tutorials and is created so that you may gradually learn all of the strategies, beginning with relatively simple techniques and progressing to more difficult techniques.
Going through all of the video tutorials will take some time. This course will teach you how to do your own makeup. It is recommended that each makeup be applied at least 2-3 times for optimal results. You may learn more about these topics by this course.

  • Product knowledge & knowing your skin type.
  • Skin care routine, preparation & priming.
  • Learn how to apply foundation, Color correction and concealing, countering, powder setting, blush ,highlighting
  • Eyebrow felling, Eyeshadow bleeding, 3 types of eye look
  • 3 types of full face makeup look, how to remove your makeup properly


Instructor Details

Sadia Islam Mou
Certified Beautician


  • Nothing. We will go from the ground up. No prior knowledge about makeup is required.
  • A notebook and a pen are a must. Take as many notes as you can!

Enrollment options

This Course comes with-

  • Shareable Certificates
  • Course Videos & Readings


Class 1

Product knowledge & knowing your skin type.

Class 2

Skin care routine.

Class 3

Skin preparation & priming

Class 4

Learn how to apply foundation and Color correction

Class 5

Concealing, Contouring, & Powder Setting. Also a flawless base with lots of tips and tricks (long lasting makeup tips)

Class 6

Blush, Highlighting, Eyebrow filling, Eyeshadow bleeding.

Class 7

3 types of eye look (basic, Smokey, cut crease),

Class 8

Eyeliner and a Perfect Lip.

Class 9

Full face makeup look (daily makeup routine)

Class 10

Full face makeup look (Day-party)

Class 11

Full face makeup look (Night-party)

Class 12

Bridal Makeup (skin preparation for a smooth look)

Class 13

How to remove your makeup properly

Class 14

How to achieve a healthy and glowy skin without makeup (no makeup, makeup look)
Nothing. We will go from the ground up. No prior knowledge about makeup is required.
Anyone who has an interest in makeup, can get enrolled in this course.

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